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Getting yourself in a mess and being stuck between too many tabs is nobody's first choice. Furthermore, most of the time, people are not mindful of things, and they just randomly close the window. And later again, they look for the same tabs to continue the work, which is a waste of time and productivity. However, opening too many tasks and links is part of the job of many professionals. Thus, you can make a small extra effort to clean up the clutter and be free in one click. Onetab is a solution and vacuum to all the tabs' junk.
OneTab is a free tab manager tool for individuals who need to tidy up their tabs quickly. Furthermore, OneTab will shut all open tabs in your current window and save them collectively in a group for later use. Moreover, it has a web-friendly extension that anyone can download from Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox browsers. Now it may not sound like that dynamic tool but its application makes things quick and boosts efficiency. .

How Does It Work?

The implementation of OneTab reduces the amount of tabs active in Google Chrome while your tabs are in the OneTab list, thus saving up to 95% of memory. Again, the focus of OneTab is tab management, causing less distraction. Furthermore, its main feature is its capacity to close swiftly. You all know with time and excessive work tabs open, the system starts to get sluggish. Moreover, not many systems have the capability to process faster while multitasking on the internet. It goes without saying that such slow output is annoying, plus it hogs too much memory and overheats the system. Henceforth, use the OneTab extension to wipe it all off in one simple click.

Basic functioning

When you have several tabs open, click the Merge Tabs button to turn them all.

Dark mode

In this OneTab extension, you get the dark theme.

Named tab groups

Click on "More" and then the "Name the tab group."

Starred and locked tab groups

If you click the "More..." button on your OneTab page and then choose "Star this tab group."

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use the following keyboard shortcut: Alt + Shift + O (Display OneTab).

Options screen

At the top of your OneTab page, click the "Options" link. You can modify your pinned tabs.

Drag and drop reordering

In your OneTab list, you can drag and drop tabs to reorder them.

Data safety

You don't have to worry about closing OneTab.

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Privacy Assurance

We put privacy and security under our parameter of consumer satisfaction. Therefore, OneTab Extension doesn't save any of your information, links, URLs, and personal data. Furthermore, while you are using the tool, no data is transferred or disclosed to the OneTab developers or any third-party sources. Hence, it is a web-safe, highly secure, and handy extension that everyone can use without a security breach. However, this is one exception. If you intentionally tap on the 'share as a web page' feature allowing you to upload your list of tabs into a web page to share them with others. Then your information will be stored while you willingly transfer it to the other source.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's true that you can visit your browser history, but it is also a hassle. However, OneTab saves all the links and open tabs, whereas, in history, you can only find links that are also sometimes not available. Thus, it saves time by opening everything simultaneously as per your requirement.

OneTab is the simplest method to collect all of your open tabs into a list with just one click. OneTab makes it much easier to read through, delete, categorize, and manage your stored tabs once they've been added to your list. There are also a number of unique settings and features available, such as the ability to exclude specific websites, delete duplicates, and export/import tabs.