How to Manage Tabbed Browsing in Safari for MacOS

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In MacOS, Safari enables sophisticated tab browsing, as is the case with the majority of browsers. Furthermore, you can access several web pages simultaneously in the same window thanks to this capability. Also, you may customize Safari's tabbed browsing so that you can decide when and how a tab is opened. Then, there are also provided relevant keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Moreover, you may learn how to use the iOS Safari tab manager in this and how to use keyboard shortcuts to manage tab browsing. 

Manage Safari Tabbed Browsing

Open Preferences to access the Tabs options in Safari from the Safari menu or use Command+ (comma) on your keyboard.

Select Tabs when the Preferences Menu Opens.

Open New Pages in Tabs 

The primary option in the Safari Tabs menu is a drop-down menu labeled Open pages in tabs instead of windows. This menu contains the following options:

  • Never: When you pick this option, a link that is programmed to open in a new window will instead open in a new Safari window when you click it.

  • Automatically: With this checkbox enabled, most of the time, when you click a link that is designed to open in a new window, the link opens in a new tab. Even though Safari tries to open a tab rather than a new window. This option may not always work as intended. 

  • Always: When you choose this option, links that are programmed to open in new windows instead of open in new tabs. Safari bypasses all preferences and consistently forces the link to open in a new tab. 

The following checkboxes, each with a tabbed browsing setting, are also present in the Safari Tabs Preferences window.

  • In a different tab to open a link, use command-click: This feature, is enabled by default. It offers a keyboard shortcut (Command+mouse click) to make a certain link open in a new tab.

  • Make a new tab or window active when it appears: When enabled, once a new tab or window is opened, it immediately takes the focus. 

  • To switch tabs, use Commands 1 through 9: The ability to skip to particular open tabs using these keyboard actions is also enabled by default. 

Shortcuts for Onetab Extension 

You can use the Following Keyboard Shortcut:

Alt + Shift + O (Display OneTab)

By navigating to chrome:/extensions/shortcuts, you can set up keyboard shortcuts for rapid access to OneTab capabilities (or by selecting "Manage Extensions". From the drop-down menu when you right-click at the top on the OneTab Extension icon of your browser. Then select the triple-bar symbol in the top left and select "Keyboard shortcuts.")

Additionally, you may create a keyboard shortcut to mimic clicking the blue OneTab icon. That will move all open tabs to OneTab. Go to the keyboard mentioned above shortcuts settings screen and type a shortcut in the box labeled "Activate the extension. Look at :-  OneTab in the Chrome Web Store

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