How to Restore Onetab Old Data on Google Chrome

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People are very much familiar with OneTab and its usage. When it comes to recalling OneTab, it is a tool that helps you reduce the piles of tabs by combining and listing them into a single OneTab. Apart from this, to make all this possible, you must install the OneTab extension with a compatible browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. Moreover, this is its one side, but what will you; do if the OneTab Extension loses all your tabs? Here, it would help if you learned how to restore OneTab old data on Google Chrome.

Furthermore, updating your browser or getting a new computer is one of the possibilities behind the disappearance of OneTab. But still, there are chances that you can recover them. You can easily restore OneTab old data by following the workable instructions below for both the OneTab Chrome extension and OneTab’s Firefox extension.

Manually Exporting your OneTabs Tabs-

First, the pre-required thing is having a OneTab export or having Onetab access so you can create one. Suppose if you decide to keep using OneTab going forward, you must know how to export the OneTab tabs. Because the “OneTab help page” does not tell you how to export, so here are the steps to understand:

  1. Firstly, click the OneTab extension icon in Chrome. 

  2. Secondly, click Export/ Import URLs or links.

  3. Next, copy all the text in the Export URLs or link section. 

  4. Afterward, paste into a Word document, Google Doc, or text file. 

  5. Finally, save the file to avoid the OneTab disappearance again.

Restore OneTab Old data from a OneTab Export

Suppose you successfully tried manually exporting your OneTabs way, as shown above. In that case, you must take a look at these far better ways to restore OneTab old data:

  1. Firstly, click the OneTab extension icon in Chrome.

  2. Secondly, click Export/ Import URLs or links. 

  3. Next, expand the Import URLs or links section.

  4.  Afterward, open the export file of OneTab. 

  5. Copy and paste all the URLs or links in the file into the Import URLs section. 

  6. Finally, click Import to restore all the lost tabs. 

Moreover, the OneTab backups will not include any of the starred or locked states of your tab groups. Hence, you will need to manually re-lock and re-star all your tab groups after restoring them. 

Last Resort: Restore Deleted OneTab Data from a Computer Backup

Suppose you don't have an export of your Onetab tabs but want them back. You may have to resort to restoring to an earlier state from a backup of your computer. The One Tabs data lives on your computer’s hard drive, just like all your other files. So when you restore to a backup of your computer, you should recover your lost OneTab tabs as well. It is a worthless option since you’ll lose everything else you’ve done on your computer since that backup. Avoiding this method unless there’s an emergency is better, as it is hard to know what you'll lose when you restore the computer.

OneTab is a More Reliable Tab Manager:

So OneTab Chrome extension helps you organize your tabs and save memory. After the above process, your saved tabs will be securely backed up in the cloud and can be recovered if you ever lose them. Suppose you will update your browser; your tabs will be safe. Even if you reformat your hard drive, your tabs will be safe. Your tabs will be safe in every condition, and you can restore OneTab old data.  Check Out :-  OneTab in the Chrome Web Store

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