How To Use OneTab Extension Effectively

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OneTab is a managing and assisting extension that can shut all your open tabs with a solitary snap and save them as a straightforward rundown. Furthermore, you can save that rundown as a site page. Moreover, you can share them with your companions and reestablish every one of them. However, that's not it. Many of you would know that it's a bullet solution to tab hoarding and organizing tab clutter in your browser. In addition, there is a step-by-step guide in order to utilize the OneTab extension more effectively and successfully. 

OneTab is a user-friendly tool that many professionals can use in tab administration and curb the memory usage of your system. Using the OneTab Chrome Extension, you can save up to 95% of the space in your web browser. Furthermore, OneTab is also web-friendly; thus, you can get OneTab for Firefox. 

How to Get it

As mentioned above, OneTab is a web-oriented management tool; hence, you can head to Google Chrome and Firefox to download the extension. Furthermore, you can download the extension by tapping here. After that, you can pin the extension to the toolbar of your browser. You can likewise see the symbol on the upper right-hand side. Now you can test the OneTab web extension by tapping on it if you have multiple open tabs, and it will do a rundown of all those. On the top, it would show you the specific number of tabs that are arranged in a list. Further down, you can see choices like reestablish, erase, share as site page, and then some.

Different choices like settings are snobby on the upper right of the page, so there is no interruption with the essential substance. Primarily you know that it's a tab decluttering and organizing tool. Still, you can use it in many ways, such as planning trips, comparing deals, and school assignments. So every conceivable capability that you should utilize is not too far if you know how to use it effectively.  


OneTab, as the name proposes, takes every one of your tabs, consolidates them, and drives them into a single unit file, gathering them all together. Furthermore, you can tap, and you get one window with a rundown of pages that were dissipated in different tabs. In addition, there are some other enhancing features of OneTab that every user must know to employ the extension with complete knowledge.  Look at :-  OneTab in the Chrome Web Store

Best Features of OneTab Extension:

1. Cooldown - No matter the number of tabs or windows that are opened in your framework, OneTab will stash them all in a rundown to make things helpful for you. Moreover, OneTab can help your PC show quicker and cool down to reduce CPU stress.

2. Simple Transfer - You may rapidly produce and import your tabs as a rundown of URLs utilizing OneTab. Besides, you can likewise make a page out of your tabs list so you can just impart them to other people and different gadgets.

3. Complete Management - You can rearrange tabs by the OneTab list by moving them. Besides, you can reestablish tabs while holding down the Ctrl or Cmd key, which will remain in your OneTab rundown. Also, assume you close the OneTab window, your program crashes, or you restart your PC; your tab folder won't be lost.

4. Cost-Effective - OneTab is a free tool with no business plan. Moreover, it was made for every professional who operates on multiple systems to make their work a little effortless.

5. Dark Mode - OneTab extension offers a dark mode where you can switch your OneTab list into an eye-safe setting. Furthermore, working at night would save you from the harmful glare that can affect your sight.    

6. Starred and Locked Tab Groups - If you click the "More..." button on your OneTab page and afterward pick 'Star this tab bunch,' a star symbol will show up close to the tab gathering, and it will continuously come at the first spot on your list of tab gatherings. Assuming that you have a few featured tab gatherings, they will show up in the request in which you starred.

At the point when you select 'Lock this tab bunch,' a lock symbol shows up close to the tab bunch. You can keep yourself from erroneously erasing a tab bunch by locking it. 

Any tabs you Reestablish from this Tab Gathering will Stay in your OneTab Rundown Instead of Being Deleted.

1. Console Shortcuts - You can utilize the accompanying console alternate route: Alt + Shift + O - (Display OneTab)

2. Options Screen - At the top of your OneTab page, click the "Option" link. You can change your decluttered tabs, pick which window to reestablish tabs too, begin inclinations, and how copy tabs are taken care of. For additional data, go to the settings screen.

3. Information Safety - You don't need to stress over shutting OneTab - you won't lose your stored tabs. Regardless of whether you shut down all tabs, leave your internet browser, and restart your PC, the tabs you have put away in OneTab won't be there as they were.


OneTab Edge and OneTab for Chrome include privacy and security for users to optimize the extension without any risks. Therefore, OneTab Extension doesn't save any of your data, including personal information, links, and URLs. Additionally, no information is shared with the OneTab creators or any other third parties while you are using the tool. Furthermore, it is a web-safe, extremely secure, and practical extension that anyone can use without compromising security. This is one exception, though. The "share as a web page" option, which enables you to upload your list of tabs into a web page to share them with others, must be consciously selected. Consequently, your data is then stored by the OneTab. Nevertheless, you can still use it for its straightforwardness and lack of a flashy user interface.   

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