What To Do If The OneTab Extension Lost All Your Tabs?

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Ruckus and mess of numerous opened tabs and staring at several dozen losing track of attention is like a toxic work hell. Furthermore, jumping from Wikipedia to news-reading binge, social media, and other sites creates a tab mess. Moreover, the dozens of opened tabs can make your system feel sluggish and process slower. Also, keeping a web of tabs open on the wrong device might eat up resources and memory.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage your clutter without entirely shutting off your browser. OneTab Extension is one of them. It's a free web-friendly extension that's been around for a while and is one of the simplest methods to make managing multiple tabs easier. You can store and organize all your tabs using the OneTab extension and be clutter-free in a blink of an eye.

Although the OneTab extension is a prolific tab management tool, there is a possibility that you may lose all your stored tabs. Therefore, you can follow the below measure to retrieve them if the OneTab Extension loses all your tabs.   


How To Export Your OneTab Tabs Manually?

It is pretty much understandable how frustrating it is to lose so much of your saved information all at once. Furthermore, if you've just upgraded your browser or purchased a new computer and discovered that all of your OneTab tabs have vanished, you would feel out of sorts. But there's still hope. The following instructions will assist you in recovering the lost tabs of OneTab Extension. You would have access to the OneTab export option. If you have access to your OneTab tabs, you can create one.   

If you want to remain using OneTab in the future, you'll need to know how to export your tabs. Because the OneTab extension and website do not direct users on how to export, follow these steps:

  • First, navigate to Chrome, and click the OneTab extension icon.

  • Then, select Export / Import URLs from the drop-down menu.

  • Next, copy all the text in the Export URLs section.

  • Copy and paste the text into a Google Doc, Word document, or plain text file.

  • If your OneTab tabs disappear again, save the file somewhere safe.

Recover Tabs From A Onetab Export That Has Been Lost

Now that you have saved or manually exported the URLs of your OneTab Tabs, you can recover your lost tabs:

  • To begin with, click the OneTab extension icon.

  • Then, select Export / Import URLs from the drop-down menu.

  • Expand the URLs to the Import section.

  • Next, open the OneTab export file in a new window.

  • Copy and paste all of the URLs from the file into the Import URLs section.

  • To restore the missing tabs, select Import.

Using those, you'll be able to get back your OneTab tabs; however, the starred or locked tab groups will not be included in the OneTab backups. Therefore, you have to manually unlock them after restoring them.

Restore Erased One Tab Data From A Computer Backup As A Last Resort

If you don't have an export of your OneTab tabs but need them, you may have to restore them to a previous state from a computer backup. Like all of your other files, One Tab's data is stored on your computer's hard drive; therefore, restoring to a backup of your system should restore your lost OneTab Tabs.

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